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What we do

We remanufacture and supply OE-quality remanufactured automotive parts to the industry's most demanding and detail-oriented customers, operating in the market under their own private label brand.

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ISO 14001:2015


ISO 9001:2015

Remanufacturing show an average tendency of reduced environmental impact.

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Corporate Responsibility

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The Reman Process


Defective units undergo a complete disassembly process, and the parts that cannot be reconditioned are disposed of.


The Reman Process


Following the disassembly of the units, each individual part is given a thorough cleaning with several treatments, such as hot water and sandblasting, and ultrasonic cleaning.


The Reman Process

Inspection and sorting

Cleaned components are subject to an intensive inspection to determine if they are in a re-useable condition. This is done both visually and with test equipment that measures if tolerances are within acceptable limits.


The Reman Process

Reconditioning and replacement

At this stage, re-useable parts are reconditioned through various methods, including galvanizing and grinding. The parts that were discarded for recycling previously are replaced with new parts.


The Reman Process


The remanufactured units are reassembled.


The Reman Process

Final testing

Each remanufactured unit undergoes a 100% performance test to ensure that the unit match OE standards.


Who we are

CPI is based in Nivelles, Belgium, and is an entity part of BORG Automotive Group, the Danish remanufacturer headquartered in Silkeborg (Denmark).

We are working with customers acting as private labels in the aftermarket automotive business. We are dedicated to them in our production and packing of OE-quality automotive remanufactured parts in our group plants in Poland, Spain, and the UK.
Our unique selling proposition includes a top-class product and service support to our customers.

Because the most important part is you.

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