Corporate Responsibility

As an active player of the circular economy, CPI is deeply conscious of its global responsibility to make a positive contribution to the society and all its stakeholders.
Corner milestones of our sustainable approach are:

    All our core activity, based on extending the product's life span by bringing old or defective products back to original standard, is heading towards sustainability and preservation of environment.

    We continuously strive to increase our reduction of CO2 emission and material consumption in our operation. E.g. promotion of reusable container solutions to our customers, and reduction of packaging material used by our suppliers.
    We organise our global activity to reduce negative influence on the environment.

    We have carried out Life Cycle Assessments on our product groups in order to be able to demonstrate the concrete environmental impact our remanufactured products have compared to corresponding newly produced products. Read more here

    We act in accordance with appropriate legal requirements and other requirements with the aim to organise our global work in a clean, healthy and safe environment for our employees and surroundings.
    We always strive to act with social responsibility.

    We are following the human rights in terms of our employees. In 2017, we have actively been working on integrating this deeper in our supply chain and have made an action plan for further progress. Our suppliers can only be certified by signing a code of conduct, where they promise to comply with the human rights and UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. We will continuously ensure that all of our suppliers follow the human rights and UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

    Responsibility is one of our fundamental values, and it is in the company’s nature to focus on the well-being of our employees. We help our employees, if they are struck by illness or if they have a problematic family situation at home. We also do whatever we can to help if any of our employees are getting problems with addiction while working for us. We strive to include people with handicaps in our workforce, and are aware of our responsibility in the society.

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    CPI does not tolerate bribery in any form and we strongly enforce anti-corruption and business ethics behaviour.

    Whistle-blower system
    Our owning conglomerate, Schouw & Co. Group's whistle-blower system provides all employees, board members and business partners of the Group with a safe channel to report suspected criminal or unethical acts.
    The whistle-blower system may be used for reports concerning any group company in any country. A report may be submitted in any language and you may choose to report anonymously.
    The whistle-blower system may not be used to make false accusations against others and deliberately untrue information may not be reported.
    We encourage you to provide your name in the report. Regardless of whether you do so or not, please open a secure post box. This makes it safer and easier for us to communicate.
    All reports are treated strictly confidential.

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    Selected suppliers for our business have to comply with our group Supplier Code of Conduct and each supplier is involved as an active partner in the supply chain to share our sustainability goals.

Code of Conduct for suppliers

Our Code of Conduct reflects our continued commitment to ethical business practices as well as social and environmental responsibilities, and we only have suppliers and business partners that share this commitment. The code applies to our entire supply chain, including our suppliers, contractors and business partners worldwide.


Our values are the foundation and the guidelines for the way that we do business

Kim Kruse, CEO


ESG & CR Reports

Responsibility is one of our core values and it reflects the way we do business. We strive to act responsible not only towards our customers, business partners and employees, but also towards the environment. Every year, we produce and publish our CR report, wherein you can read how we carry our responsibility into actions. As a new feature, we also publish an annual ESG report where you can read about our environmental, social, and governance-related results. 

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ESG Report 2022

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ESG Report 2021

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