CPI makes remanufactured parts for electric cars and hybrids

As electric vehicles become more widespread, there is a growing demand in the aftermarket for A/C compressors and steering racks that incorporate an electric motor. Remanufacturer CAR PARTS INDUSTRIES can refurbish these spare parts, dealers thus have an alternative to new parts, offering OE-matching quality and an optimal price-performance ratio.

E-mobility is on the rise, and it is leaving its mark on the spare parts market. This is particularly evident in the case of the air-conditioning compressor: In a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, a belt is used to drive the compressor, but in an e-car, this belt is no longer available. The situation is very similar with steering racks because, in an electric vehicle, it is no longer possible to provide steering assistance via a belt-driven servo pump. That is why electric air-conditioning compressors and steering racks with their own small electric motor are used in electric cars and many hybrid vehicles.

Inhouse expert knowledge

However, dealers do not have to fall back on new parts when they need replacements. That is because CAR PARTS INDUSTRIES is able to remanufacture used electric air-conditioning compressors and steering racks to a like-new condition. And this is despite the fact that the remanufacturing of these products is more complex than that of mechanical spare parts, given that an electric motor replaces belts and pulleys and is controlled by the BUS network of the vehicle with protocols such as FlexRay or CAN.

The challenge for any remanufacturer, therefore, is to understand this communication precisely before setting up a remanufacturing process, and that is exactly what CAR PARTS INDUSTRIES has done. Recognizing early on that vehicle technology is becoming increasingly complex, the company invested in appropriate know-how and equipment and has the right experts on hand at its in-house research and development center.

Products for many current applications

Accordingly, CAR PARTS INDUSTRIES’s product range includes many article numbers for hybrid vehicles and electric cars. For example, the company currently offers 19 electric air-conditioning compressors for some of the most popular electric cars. There is an air conditioning compressor for the Audi E-Tron and Hyundai Ioniq, as well as the Mercedes B electric and Mercedes EQA250/350. Electric steering racks are available for the Volkswagen E-Golf, for example, as well as for the Smart ForTwo Electric and the electric B-Class from Mercedes-Benz.

No compromise on quality

OE Equivalent quality is guaranteed, as always, at CAR PARTS INDUSTRIES. The company only remanufactures original parts. These are cleaned, thoroughly inspected and disassembled before small and wear parts are repaired or replaced. The reassembly is followed by final functional tests according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  All our  production centers are located in Europe and are certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. CAR PARTS INDUSTRIES delivers each product with a two-year warranty without mileage limitation.

The responsible alternative

Studies show that compared to the production of a new part, remanufacturing consumes significantly less energy and raw materials and emits less CO2eq[1]. In that sense, remanufacturing, therefore, has a positive environmental impact.

[1] Source: Fernand J. Weiland, European Automotive Remanufacturing – Technical Trends & Market Development