Customer and solution-oriented service


Remanufacturing knowledge & experience: 

For more than 40 years, our everyday drive has been to provide you, our customer, with the best remanufacturing experience. We are here for you thanks to our dedicated OE team, which focuses on the 7 P's of the marketing mix alongside adding our value to the technical, product, quality, and engineering fields.

As a remanufacturing partner, we are concerned about the best and most efficient way of managing the circular economy flow from your customer network to the final remanufacturing process. So, please take a seat and let us give you the best remanufacturing experience. Come and feel the energy, drive, and commitment of our team and experience our wide scope of different remanufactured product lines. You can also share your remanufacturing thoughts with our professional team of OE remanufacturing development engineers.


Dedicated team with OE background and project management skills: 

Our success is made by people. We focus a lot on the competencies and qualities of our people, who possess all our true values; responsibility, competence, interdependency, transparency, and continuous improvement. Our experienced team combines the best of both the IAM and OE worlds and offers you creativity, innovation, and professionalism with every interaction. From engineering and IT to sales, purchasing, and product management, we set up cross-functional teams made of specialists of different disciplines. These teams are there to cooperate with you and successfully implement your remanufacturing project.

Each of our customers has a singular approach to logistic setup, quality validation, pricing processes, IT, and more, which means we need to meet specific requirements. At CPI, flexibility is the key. We cannot systematically change our setup, but we do our very best to adapt in the best way to our customer’s requirements.


Close partnering on product management: 

Our product management specialists play an essential role in the active support of our customers. Such support materializes through continuous interactions, product, and technical training for you and your sales team, support in catalog and illustrations, tailor-made fitting instructions, periodical new-to-range suggestions, program list gap coverage based on market and car park statistics by country, technical data sheets and drawings, data management, and product accessories solutions. Our product management is here to ease and relieve your work on product management, so you can concentrate and focus on offering the best remanufacturing experience to your customers.


Quality management & environment: 

By choosing the remanufacturing solution of CPI, you go for an economical, ecological, and qualitative solution. Most of our customers are looking to offer the automotive aftermarket a comprehensive program of replacement parts under their own label at the right price and the perfect quality. On top of the program coverage, the decision to go for remanufacturing is strategically motivated by multiple advantages ranging from financial factors to environmental factors and quality requirements. We offer you a fully renovated OE part that has the same functionality as a new OE part and with a warranty of two years. Validating a product is an engineering challenge. We take responsibility throughout the validation process and work closely with our partners to successfully achieve it. Remanufacturing is an eco-friendly solution that will help you, our customer, to support your CO2 reduction program. It also gives you the guarantee of the availability of OE-equivalent replacement spare parts for 15 years after the end of vehicle production or more. For some of you, remanufactured parts from CPI are the perfect solution to fulfill this contractual obligation.

For elaboration on the environmental benefits of remanufacturing, we have carried out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on our product groups. Read more here.

CPI has one of the largest core warehouses in Europe, with over a million cores stored.


IT & logistic: 

Our IT and logistics colleagues form a strong backbone in our organization and work to support our target of providing the best service to our customers.

CPI has one of the largest core warehouses in Europe, with over a million cores stored. We work closely with major logistics partners who support our incoming and outgoing flow of parts. Regarding IT, we have an advanced network of IT professionals, both internal and external, focusing on IT integration within the group or with our partners and always working on IT optimization projects.

We can proudly say that our success is thanks to their professionalism and continuous adaptation to the demanding requirements in the automotive remanufacturing environment.


Research & development: 

Our reverse engineering R&D centers are located in each production facility to ensure the development of solutions adapted to production constraints. We put a virtue on developing efficient remanufacturing processes, such as custom-made components testing equipment, development of components repairing methods, electronic discharge protected area setup, use of 3D printing for critical plastic parts, and communication bus decoding (Flexray, CAN, LIN), that will ensure the optimal quality of our products.

We are flexible in the development and specification of processes as well as checkpoints in cooperation with you, our customer. We have dedicated laboratories in our factories used by our R&D engineers for their activities, while R&D also cooperates closely with approved external laboratories.

Our qualified R&D employees offer highly valuable support.